Calamus Outfitters

83720 Valley View Ave. Burwell, NE 68823
(308) 346-4697

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Near the northwestern edge of the lake is another local attraction. Calamus Outfitters sets thousands of visitors afloat on the Calamus River each spring, summer and fall in canoes, kayaks, inner tubes and livestock tanks. The tanks are wide, stable and safe, and the Calamus River is tranquil and shallow. The scenery is gorgeous as tankers float through the Switzer family’s ranch. In March and April, people from around the world come here to view the spring courtship rituals of sharp-tailed grouse and greater prairie chickens. People watch from viewing blinds as male birds joust for dominance. Calamus Outfitters and the Switzer Ranch are also home to the annual Nebraska Prairie Chicken Festival each April.

Guided turkey hunts on the Switzers’ holdings bring hunters from across the United States to little Burwell. Up to 50 visitors can stay in two large lodges and four cabins. Meals can be arranged, and there are fire pits and a general store. Check out the bald eagle nest visible from the front yard of the upper lodge. Calamus Outfitters is north of Taylor or northwest of Burwell at 83720 Valley View Ave.