What Makes Nebraska Different From The Other 50 States of the USA?

Are you thinking of moving to a new state for a fresh start? Among all the 50 states in the United States of America, it might get a little challenging to decide which state is the right one for you to start a new life. People generally want to shift to a place that is different from their current location. If you are looking for a state that has a peaceful rural lifestyle and also features an active urban nightlife, Nebraska is your best bet! 

Nebraska, the Cornhusker State, has a lot more to offer than what it seems. Life in Nebraska is just not all about miles and miles of cornfields. It has a rich history and background formed by the people of Nebraska and many generations of hard work. You can find a lot more in detail about the history, culture, and people in Nebraska Life Magazine. 

What Makes Nebraska Different

There are two things that help create the major difference between Nebraska with the other states. The difference lies in their Culture and Heritage. Let’s learn about the rich history and culture that is embedded in the Cornhusker State.

The Rich Heritage and Culture of Nebraska

1. History

When visiting or moving to Nebraska, you will find many historical resources and artifacts. So, if you happen to be a history enthusiast, this state might be like a goldmine for you. Nebraska is the home of many of the tribes that were native to America even before the European settlers set foot on the land. 

Some of the tribes that settled in Nebraska are Omaha, Pawnee and Lakota. While the Spaniards briefly touched the region, the French were fur traders here. Further, in 1804, the Lewis and Clark Expedition helped open up Nebraska and points west in America to new settlement. The path that they used is now known as the famous “Lewis and Clark Trail,” following the Missouri River through modern-day towns.

History of Nebraska

In 1819, the U.S. government officially took Nebraska under their jurisdiction by building Fort Calhoun. The fort is also a tourist attraction that is available today.

After receiving statehood in 1867, the Nebraska original capital in Omaha was later moved to Lincoln. You can find more such trivia in the Nebraska Life Magazine. 

2. The History of Farming in Nebraska

The boom of the 1870s and 1880s brought many settlers from around the country to the state of Nebraska. The migration is due to two primary reasons: the availability of fertile soil and better farming equipment made plowing the prairie lands easier.

Farming Culture in Nebraska

Later, the settlers also created an industry of cattle ranching in the state. The farming and cattle ranching industry continues to be the main economic sectors of the state even to the present day. To know more about the farming resources and the history of farming, you can simply depend on the Nebraska farmer magazine.

3. The History of Urbanization in Nebraska

The urban sector of Nebraska blossoms in the city of Omaha. This city was industrialized with the help of people who migrated here after the end of slavery as a part of the great migration. The considerable African-American population in this city made it a pioneer in the civil rights movement in America. You can learn more about the role of Nebraska in the civil rights movement from local Nebraska magazines.

4. Culture

The culture of Nebraska has deep-rooted traditions in the history of this state. For the most part, Nebraska features a rural outlook, with large cattle ranges and treeless prairie lands. As one of the less populated states in the U.S., you can find the peace and serenity in this state that you won’t find in the metropolitan states of America.

Culture of Nebraska

The state’s culture is very relaxed and laid back as you will be far away from the busy life of the cities. Even the biggest city of Nebraska, which is Omaha, has a small-town feel. These factors make moving to Nebraska one of the best choices for people in their golden years. The Nebraska good life has all the things that a man requires starting from tranquility to adventure. 


You can plan to move to a new place after your retirement, or you could just be wanting a lifestyle change. Regardless of what your reason might be, Nebraska life is something you should experience at least once in your lifetime. According to any good ol’ Nebraska magazine, you have the choice of feeling like a cornhusker and prosper in the city life at the same time. So, it is worth a shot, moving into Nebraska and starting your dream life with a new zeal.

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