The 260 residents of the Howard County community of St. Libory live 12 miles north of Grand Island and about the same distance south of St. Paul, along Highway 281. The St. Libory Parish was established in 1876 on land purchased for $4 per acre. The sandy acres here produce watermelons renowned for their flavor, and business is brisk at roadside stands beginning when sweet corn is ready and lasting until Halloween.

Learn more about St. Libory and Howard County by contacting the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce at or (308) 754-5558.

Discover Activities in St. Libory

  • The Scarecrow Patch

    Thousands of people head to St. Libory each autumn for a Halloween-ish good time at The Scarecrow Patch. Hayracks fill with pumpkin hunters hitching rides while the aroma of ...