AJ Dahm

Louisville is located on Nebraska Highway 50, six miles south of Springfield along the scenic banks of the Platte River. The community’s 1,200 residents like to remind potential visitors that “we’re closer that you think.” Main Street Cafe 221, formerly known as the Main Street Café, is one establishment that’s been worth the drive for locals and visitors alike for more than a decade.

Discover Activities in Louisville

  • Platte River State Park

    Platte River State Park is located near Louisville between Omaha and Lincoln. Hiking trails lead through grasslands, river bottoms and woods. Spend the night in a teepee, hike to ...

  • Main Street Cafe 221

    Main Street Cafe 221 continues the tradition of great food on Main Street in Louisville. For breakfast, Captain Hoover's Biscuits and Gravy are a favorite. Other house specialties include Grandma ...

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