Fort Robinson State Park

3200 Hwy. 20, Crawford, NE 69339
(308) 665-2900

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Fort Robinson State Park encompasses 22,000 acres of the scenic Pine Ridge escarpment near Crawford. Known for steep buttes situated among forests and meadows, this former Army fortress is also the site of Sioux leader Crazy Horse’s death in 1877. Herds of buffalo and longhorns still roam the grasslands, as do mountain bikers, hikers and horseback riders. Lodging is available in historic military barracks and a 22-room lodge. Camping is allowed.

The Trailside Museum of Natural History is located in the park’s 1901 theater. The featured exhibit is “Clash of the Mammoths.” Two bull mammoths locked tusks and perished and they are displayed here — still joined for eternity.