The Economy Hometown Market

313 Commercial St, Stromsburg, NE 68666
(402) 764-2441

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Swedish heritage reveals itself in many unique flavors at the Economy Hometown Market in Stromsburg. Meat cutter Mike Branting’s store is well-known for its lutefisk, pickled herring, lingonberries, ham loaf mix and Swedish meatballs. The most popular Swedish item is the store’s potato bologna. The delicacy is known in Sweden as “potatiskorv.” Christmas is Branting’s busiest potato sausage season. He begins making 130-pound batches in July to prepare. Last year he went through 2,500 pounds of the sausage crafted from pork, beef, onions, and, of course, potatoes. His “Christmas sausage” is available in his freezer section all year. The market is on the east side of the town square at 313 Commercial St.